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Quick pitch

The story is that of a single mother who was driving somewhere when her car (on the stage) broke down. It also show a man who saw her and knew she was having trouble but didn't stop to help. They are now at the same hotel and he is embarrassed that he didn't stop (even though she may not even recognize him).

Discussed that the man should be the doorman, Judge, and the car is parked in front of the hotel.

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Cowps edited dialogue in "Scene 1" on 12/06/2010. Cowps made 34 other changes. more
Uusikaupunki is in Finland. It's where they make the the Porsche Boxter,
(looks back at the car, and under her breath says)
couldn't BOX itself out of a wet paper bag.
(focuses back on her daughter)
Anyway, that is not important right now. What is important is that we are safe and we were able to call daddy to let him know that we are all right.
(as if she is looking up at the sky for a weather update)
But I do not see this weather letting up and I don't see a plow anywhere! Oh this weather is awful, I wish we were home.
markw commented on an action. on 12/06/2010. more
cowps: can you finish this part?
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Cowps added an action in "Scene 1" on 11/15/2010. Cowps made 19 other changes. more
Judge now has a puzzle look on his face...no longer excited, he makes his way back into the hotel.
nathanw joined the project! on 10/28/2010. more

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