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INT. Int. Hollister Dudes Section
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He walks along, much more leisurely than before. He notices Hollister on the opposite walkway and heads over.
norg54 edited an action in "Scene 9: The Mall" on 01/22/2013. norg54 made 38 other changes. more
He stops by the mall's toy store, picking up a big book, 200 pages, of Spot the Difference pictures.
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Mary and Michael walk up the stairs playfully bickering with each other. The door to their bedroom closes and Jacob puts his headphone back in, focusing his attention back on his laptop. "And Now I Am Nothing" by The Wonder Years blares through his headphones as he looks over an email from his school showing his 1.89 GPA. He closes it an opens up a Word document. It is a nearly finsihed letter of appeal to his school, asking for him to be allowed back into school in the fall. He somberly rereads it over and over again until a skype call box pops up. Its from Amy. He gives the letter once last look before clicking send and answering Amy's call.

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