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Training video for new comedians. A look into the comedy scene as well as the challenges facing upcoming comedians of making it through the levels and trying to obtain fame.

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Now that you have some solid material it's time to test it out. As we covered before, it's a good idea to try these jokes out at dirty, shady bars first. Look for a sign up sheet and write your name on the list. Depending which club you're ate, put a star by your name if this is your first time performing. That means you'll get a chance to get on stage tonight. It's also a good time to speak with other comedians and bounce your jokes off on them.
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Now even though Peter is writing jokes and working on them with other comedians he still isn't ready to get booked for a show. Having great material on paper like Peter has doesn't necessarily mean the joke will work. It all depends on the way he delivers it on stage.

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