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Star of the Sea's very own Wellbeing Festival play written by Isabelle Catrice, Alice Thompson and Gabrielle Lane for performance by students from years 7 to 10.

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belle edited the scene titled "Scene 4" on 01/27/2009. more
belle added dialogues in "Scene 4" on 01/27/2009. belle made 5 other changes. more
yeah, and then that black kid. You remember him yeah, his name was like mumbo jumbo or whatever. He was like, would you go out with me, and im like. In your dreams!
In the forum, glane replied to the plan on 01/23/2009. glane made 2 other comments and 2 other changes. more
I can't believe she's given you such an early deadline! that's ridiculous pressure on you, Fizz!
In the forum, belle replied to the plan on 01/21/2009. more
thats a good one! if you want to write bits in the scene, go ahead =P uve got good ideas
In the forum, athompso replied to the plan on 01/20/2009. more
nelson mandela??

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