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Project Type: Skit (15 min)

This project's owner would like a little help on parts of the project.

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mrauto commented on dialogue. on 06/20/2009. more
like maybe just take it down to two lines, the two funniest ones. Keep the Janitor bit in though, I like that.
aperilous edited dialogue in "Meet the Chief" on 05/21/2009. aperilous made 2 other changes. more
The Chief (CONT'D)
So, I got a new case for you, this one is only for men. So there is this cat fish on the loose, named, MARGARET. Very dangerous, has the tendency to bite unsuspecting pedestrians.
aperilous edited a slugline in "Finding the Case" on 05/21/2009. aperilous made 19 other changes. more
INT. We see a dark alleyway from a bird's eye view, sky scrapers are constructed from Coral, the case name appears slowly over this written in a Type Writer style font -- "Whale Tales Case 1: A Pontius PiloT
mrauto edited dialogue in "Off to the Church" on 05/21/2009. more
Chronic Whale
That killjoy's going in to ruin all the religious people's fun...and this time not with an ATHEISM LECTURE but with a MACHETE
aperilous edited dialogue in "Off to the Church" on 05/21/2009. aperilous made 70 other changes. more
Detective M.W.
Awfully late to be coming to church.
(looks at his watch for show)
Especially for an ATHEIST!

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