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The main character is sent a link to an online video of a gruesome scene. Compelled to find out the events of it.

Project Type: Short Film (15 min)

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No way. I wanted to make sure I had clear footage.
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Watching JOANNE leave the coffee shop a STRANGE MAN, white male in his early 40's, watches her from the outside tables. As she is far away from the coffee shop the STRANGE MAN gets on his phone and makes a call.
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JOANNE is sitting in front of her PC with a coffee cup in her hand. Setting it down she types a new post for her blog with a link to the video.
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JOANNE FRENCH, African-American in her early 20's, is a blogger for her site the Weekly Eye. She is sitting at her computer working on the next blog post. Her phone rings and she answers it.
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He was a afraid that we would get in trouble. He's kinda of paranoid.

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