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A man saves girls who have been help captive by a mad man.

Project Type: Short Film (15 min)

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KirstenYvette edited an action in "STREET IN FRONT OF HOUSE" on 10/17/2013. KirstenYvette made 13 other changes. more
doug and Anna walk of the porch toward the street
KirstenYvette added an action in "inside doug's car" on 10/10/2013. KirstenYvette made 44 other changes. more
they both laugh,the cops pull up roll credits
KirstenYvette edited dialogue in "DOUG sits on a partly broken lawn chair reading the news paper" on 10/09/2013. KirstenYvette made 5 other changes. more
see that house over there that's mine you'll be safe there till the cops get here
(he hands Sophia his cell phone)
Sophia runs across the street Doug goes behind her but they go in different directions
KirstenYvette added a new scene titled "inside doug's car" on 10/08/2013. KirstenYvette made 6 other changes. more
KirstenYvette added an action in "STREET IN FRONT OF HOUSE" on 10/02/2013. KirstenYvette made 17 other changes. more
doug pauses

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