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Quick pitch

This is an original Visual novel about a teenage boy who believes that money is everything. He begins to buy friends and sees if he is able to change how they behave with money but he soon realizes there are many things money cannot buy.

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chrispyery edited the scene titled "Wednesday Morning" on 01/05/2014. chrispyery made 23 other changes. more
chrispyery added dialogue in "Wednesday Not Happy" on 01/05/2014. chrispyery made 5 other changes. more
Money isn't everything...
chrispyery added dialogue in "Wednesday Not Happy" on 01/04/2014. chrispyery made 75 other changes. more
Right now, you're just buying yourself problems.
chrispyery added a slugline in "Tuesday Branch 2 Evening" on 01/04/2014. chrispyery made 46 other changes. more
INT. Use the same recordings as "Tuesday Branch 1 Evening".
chrispyery inserted an action in "Tuesday Branch 2 Lunch" on 01/03/2014. chrispyery made 2 other changes. more
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