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Quick pitch

Carter is a 15-year-old girl who is babysitting 3 children. Brooke, who is 10-years-old, James, who is 8, and Lily, who is 7. It is a lovely summer day until a tornado watch begins. They go downstairs to hide from the chance of tornado. But something lurks in the basement... Something horrifying.

Project Type: Feature Film (An hour)

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giannabug commented on the outline. a year ago. more
hi guys really liking the script so far keep up the god work
Scla10 deleted the scene "THE ONCOMING STORM (REVISED)" a year ago. Scla10 made 12 other changes. more
Scla10 inserted an action in "Hi, Carter. Thank you for coming on such short notice." a year ago. Scla10 made 4 other changes. more
Carter gets up and goes over to the pantry to get some noodles and red sauce. On her way back she passes the basement door and hears a thud. She jumps a little and then listens to see if the thump happens again. She is then interrupted by James opening the door and yelling.
Scla10 edited the scene titled "THE ONCOMING STORM (REVISED)" a year ago. Scla10 made 30 other changes. more
Scla10 added dialogue in "THE NIGHT STARTS" a year ago. more
Brookie will come in a minute.

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