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Well... Maybe. Delphi does sit smack on top of two faults, making it very geologically active. Delphi was -- a very, VERY long time ago -- under water, meaning there's plenty of organic matter to decay. Couple these with the claims that the PNEUMA was sweet-smelling, and that the Pythia's chamber was NOT well-ventilated, and it becomes quite possible that ethylene,
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Today, I'm here to learn HARUSPICY, or telling the future by reading an animal's entrails.
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host (CONT'D)
Today, I'm here to learn HARUSPICY, or telling the future by reading an animal's liver.
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Y'know, I imagine that few of us would say that we take fortune telling, prognostication, divination, prophecy, whatever you want to call it, very seriously. Sure, your eyes might wander over to your horoscope after you see what Marmaduke's up to, or maybe you'll drop in and have your palm read at the end of a night out, but no one's really putting a lot of stock in telling the future, right? Well, let me ask you: how did you know what to wear today? Ever had anyone pick you up at the airport right on time? Or read a book on counting cards? Sure, today we use more... scientific... methods, but, really, we're just trying to answer the same questions that ancient folks who came here, to the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, had: What will the next moment, month, or year bring? I'm [NAME], and I'm doing away with computers and other modern future-casting equipment. Can I, using only ancient methods, successfully predict the future. I predict you'll stay tuned to see, today on "WHEN IN ROME.
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