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Margot attempts suicide. But fails.
She is depressed, she has no where to go, nothing to do. She is bored with life.
She picks up a book of her mom's, and starts reading it.
It is a self-help book. A sentence pops up and inspires her.
She begins to put it into action in her life.
She stops herself when she begins to think negatively, she becomes more understanding with people, and her irrational mother.
She meets a guy. They become great friends. He makes her a better person. He sees the light she was unable to show to others.
She becomes more and more independant and more and more driven.
She is a confident woman.
She decides to start a journalism career. She pursues that and later realizes that it will cause her to leave her now boyfriend.
They struggle.
She decides that she needs to go. They try to pursue a long-distance relationship.
It doesn't work out, but she feels content with herself, and writes about it in a magazine(or blog?) that she works for.

Think about:
What obstacles will she encounter?
Suspenseful events?
Build up?
What is the audience waiting for?
How to accomplish it little by little, with frustrations and happy endings?

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Yo. I think it would be cool to work on this. I clicked join and it kinda just let me join. I was expecting it to ask your permission first. I don't want to make any sudden changes until you okay me working with you. Email me? [email protected]hart_8017 on 05/15/2008

Ok I joined and then I thought that I should just stay with one project at a time. But now I would like to work on this. — FireZombie on 05/15/2008

I want to see Margot go to NYC on an airplane, getting a job at the New York Times. She is at the highest point of her life, all happy and then she gets hit by a car and dies. That would unexpected and heartbreaking. I want to see something of the "Bucket List" in this thing, she goes to Paris, she goes bowling, she goes to NYC, she goes hiking, she climbs Mt. Everest? She goes on an African safari. It should run through like a summer vacation. But throughout the time, she meets friends, she loves a man (although I think you should keep that plot smaller), she learns to love her parents. If you create this hope, this new life, this nice-easy life, the ending will be much better. Watch American Beauty for inspiration. — MarcWeaver on 06/17/2009

Thinking about it, I think she also needs to go through pain, we need to see her struggle but overcome. I want to see her cry in a bathtub...but then grow confident. She needs to be surrounded by the people she loves and new people to be friends with to make this hope. It'll make the movie a lot better! — MarcWeaver on 06/17/2009

Pondering this, I can see the ending being Margot smiling with no one around. Through the whole movie, I don't think she should smile unless other people are around. I don't know why this popped up in my head, but it did. — Nidria on 12/13/2009

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