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Juno Grey, a young, secluded thirteen-year-old, is considering suicide. We stumble upon her pessimistic life right when she's made the decision and is planning it out. And she's made up her mind to commit suicide--after her sister gives birth. We'll watch her patch her life back together--friends, family, crush, new nephew, dead brother-in-law--and see if she can sew back the seams.

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

This project's owner would like a little help on parts of the project.

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Braygood edited an action in "Hi, Junie! Hi, Gale!" on 09/08/2009. Braygood made 3 other changes. more
Gale walks away laughing. Juno doesn't seem to find it funny.
chocolate5 added a comment to ju NO on 09/07/2009. more
creators of ju NO: I feel that this character JUNO is very much like the character Juno from the movie... Juno! haha. except-- she is suicidal. her mannerisms are very much the same as Juno from Juno but her motives and circumstances are different. i would never think of Juno as a person to commit suicide. however this is just my opinion.

also, the opening scene is really really important to setting the mood of the film. it may not need to be congruent with the mood of the entire story but its an important base which is effected by all following scenes and is used as a setup of sorts. It opens and she is contemplating suicide.. this is a very heavy way to start your film-- but the dialogue is not congruent with the heaviness. the way she fits the classic emo bill, hair in face, is not helping. maybe talk to some people who have attempted suicide often the emo kids aren't for suicide just attention. the way she is kicking pebbles is too.. umm.. symbolic, not something people actually do in my most humble opinion.

what does V.O. mean? I feel that the first contemplation dialogue could be sad as an internal monologue as in 'in her head' mebe with a lot of space a really long monologue.

what does (beat) mean?

Im new to plotbot and i hope im not being too critical, i also realize that there are so many ways to interpret a screenplay that my comments may be irrelevant because given the right acting and scenery, cinemtography (washed out in the first scene is what im feeling?), and costumes this could definitely work.

thanks for reading my comment and good luck with the project, im not sure how to comment on a project without joining or wether this comment will stay when i leave so could someone let me know? thanks! cheers!
ThatOneGirl edited dialogue in "Goodbye, Slacky." on 09/06/2009. ThatOneGirl made 5 other changes. more
Hi, everyone. Um...what's up? Oh, right. A funeral. Obviously. I'm kind of--erm--iffy you know. I guess I should get this party started. Sorry, poor choice of words. Let's forget that I just said all that.
ThatOneGirl edited dialogue in "Sign Here." on 06/27/2009. ThatOneGirl made 14 other changes. more
Remember when I said I was craving some hot dogs? Yea, well, there was this hot dog stand of this red dog shaped like a hot dog, and there was a buncha fake sweat on it. So I just HAD to go eat a hot dog, because I was hoping that it was one of those stands that give you a toy with each purchase, so I bought one, I don't know why you didn't follow me. So then it turns out that they were REALLY expensive hot dogs--stupid economy--and I didn't have enough money, but I already took a bite--I think I still have the wrapper or something--so I had to find you so I could borrow some cash. But I couldn't find you and I got sorta lost and I feel really bad'
ThatOneGirl added dialogue in "The Talk" on 06/27/2009. ThatOneGirl made 8 other changes. more
Yea, okay, okay, enough.

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