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Goodbye, Slacky. Last edited by ThatOneGirl, on 06/23/2009. 0 comments. More scene info.

Ext. Cemetary - Day

ThatOneGirl - on 09/06/2009

Slacky's funeral. JOYCE is so obviously crying, totally squishing AEVUM'S pudgy little hand. JUNO looks like she's about to cry; CU on her fist clenching. There's ALEXA in the corner, there awkwardly, and just a few meters away, GALE, also looking awkward, seeing as he never talked to Slacky or anything. MRS. GREY is sobbing horribly, leaning on some unknown bloke that looks pretty baffled. JUNO walks up to the podium and begins speaking.

ThatOneGirl - on 09/06/2009 2 versions.


Hi, everyone. Um...what's up? Oh, right. A funeral. Obviously. I'm kind of--erm--iffy you know. I guess I should get this party started. Sorry, poor choice of words. Let's forget that I just said all that. (clears throat) Well, Sam Willard Johnston - I didn't even know that was his real name until yesterday - more commonly known to you lot as "Slacky", was a great person. He would have been a wonderful father - have you seen

ThatOneGirl - on 09/06/2009 4 versions.
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