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Eregelu added an action in "War" on 09/09/2011. Eregelu made 7 other changes. more
The Puppeteer sighs and returns to her seat, freezing.
Eregelu added an action in "Pestilence" on 09/08/2011. Eregelu made 41 other changes. more
The Puppeteer sighs, and doesn't fight as they drag her offstage.
Eregelu added an action in "Wrath" on 08/29/2011. Eregelu made 36 other changes. more
The Butler looks shocked, but the Puppeteer turns on him, pulling a little marionet from her pocket and playing with it with one hand.
Eregelu added dialogue in "Lust" on 08/25/2011. Eregelu made 32 other changes. more
The Black Prince
Princess. It's nice to know you have a good side.
Eregelu edited dialogue in "Once Upon a Time" on 05/30/2011. Eregelu made 4 other changes. more
The Innocent
Messenger, the citizens here say that the King has recently died, are you sure it is all right to move here right now?

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