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This is the story of the coming of the next messiah, a beacon of truth that will change the world forever. The only problem is that he is a raging pervert and overall dirt bag, though no one seems to notice but the reporter forced to cover his story.

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Mynameisjacinto edited dialogue in "Angela Gets Picked Up" on 12/07/2008. Mynameisjacinto made 3 other changes. more
So, this is the heart and soul of my publication.
Mynameisjacinto added dialogue in "Angela Gets Picked Up" on 09/22/2008. Mynameisjacinto made 7 other changes. more
I think you'll come to find that if you judge this book by it's cover you'll miss out on a lot of things.
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JACINTO leads ANGELA through the office.
Mynameisjacinto added an action in "Angela Gets Picked Up" on 09/19/2008. Mynameisjacinto made 4 other changes. more
ANGELA is finishing up getting ready to spend the day with JACINTO.
Mynameisjacinto edited dialogue in "Angela Reaches Out" on 08/26/2008. Mynameisjacinto made 18 other changes. more
No, not at all. I assume it will more likely be the other way around. Goodnight Ms. More.

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