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Thomas, ready for some peace and quiet in his life, moves into an old house. Mickie is the ghost who haunts the house.

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He's cradling a phone between his shoulder and face, rolling his eyes at whoever's on the other side of the conversation. The sink is dripping
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INT. int: house
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THOMAS walks into the living room, which has bookshelves and books up and a TV, but only a lawnchair as furniture. He picks up the remote from the chair and turns the TV on to the news. He leaves the living room and walks to the kitchen. It's been neatly organized, and opens his pantry. The only thing in there is a box of Fruit Loops. He grabs it and a bowl, and pours some out. He opens the fridge that just has a 6-pack of beer and some apple juice. He hangs his head and grabs the apple juice, and pours some into his cereal and puts it back. He grabs a spoon and walks out into the living room. The TV isn't on the news, but rather on some superhero cartoon. He frowns and swiches it back
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There are moving boxes everywhere. They're all in neat, orderly piles and are labeled and organized gingerly. A man (THOMAS) walks in carrying a box labeled "Lids".

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