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Quick pitch

FBI Agent infiltrates drug dealer's house, finds documents, gets caught, fights him, kills him.

Project Type: Short Film (5 min)

This project's owner would like a little help on parts of the project.

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winl996 edited an action in "Operation 461" on 05/29/2013. more
AIDEN pulls out a pistol, cocks it, and puts it in his shirt/pocket. AIDEN leaves the car and heads to the house. He attaches a wireless speaker to the side of the door. He leaps over a fence and peers through a window. He sees DAMIEN, and passes the window.
winl996 edited dialogue in "Caught" on 05/21/2013. winl996 made 2 other changes. more
fbi agent
Good, get back in the car.
winl996 edited dialogue in "Operation 461" on 05/20/2013. more
fbi agent
Alright, lemme bring you up to speed on this. Target is a nineteen year old Asian Male. Known for alleged ties to 14K, along with armed robberies and murders in downtown San Jose.
winl996 inserted an action in "Inside" on 05/20/2013. winl996 made 4 other changes. more
DAMIEN is outside with the garbage bag but confused.
winl996 added an action in "Caught" on 05/20/2013. winl996 made 59 other changes. more
DAMIEN grabs AIDEN by the collar and

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