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Quick pitch

No way in; No way out, Rose High, an elite boarding school, is taken over by an organization of young mafia members called Winter searching for a student whose kidnapping is essential to their cause. Led by a vengeful former student named Rainn, the teachers are locked in the lounge, and students are interrogated. It is up to martial artist, Sebastian, and his intelligent girlfriend, Alice, to save the school.

Project Type: Feature Film (Epic)

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Recent changes

ikuchiha added an action in "Alice makes a weapon" on 01/09/2014. ikuchiha made 2 other changes. more
Flashbacks of Rainn's father flood his mind. He remembers his father killing Rainn's girlfriend.
ikuchiha edited an action in "Alice makes a weapon" on 09/21/2013. more
Rainn stares at Alice for a couple seconds.
ikuchiha added dialogue in "Alice makes a weapon" on 07/28/2013. ikuchiha made 5 other changes. more
(Falls back away from her and grabs his head.)
ikuchiha added an action in "Alice makes a weapon" on 07/25/2013. ikuchiha made 2 other changes. more
Alice is by the door using a card to try and unlock the door. She hears footsteps coming and runs to the corner of the room. Rainn opens the door.
ikuchiha edited the scene titled "Alice makes a weapon" on 07/22/2013. ikuchiha made 10 other changes. more

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