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JacobShalkhauser edited dialogue in "Scene 5 - Food then Death" on 05/14/2011. JacobShalkhauser made 14 other changes. more
Alvin Rhodes (CONT'D)
Sir, the supplies are ready. We need to go.
JoeSzabo deleted dialogue in "The Meeting" on 05/14/2011. JoeSzabo made 45 other changes. more
Warren Briggs
Thank you very much Ma'm. It's through helpful people like you that we keep this nation strong.
JacobShalkhauser edited dialogue in "The Meeting" on 05/14/2011. JacobShalkhauser made 57 other changes. more
Gentlemen! These cookies are done if you would like some!
JacobShalkhauser edited dialogue in "Scene 1 - The Campsite" on 05/14/2011. JacobShalkhauser made 36 other changes. more
Alvin Rhodes
Do you think they'll come?
bnaelitz edited an action in "Scene 8: An End comes to the Revolution" on 05/14/2011. bnaelitz made 5 other changes. more

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