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school has just finished for the year and everyone is ready to go and have some fun in the hot weather, but not these 3 kids, Bonnie, Clide, Millie. these kids want to go exploring, exploring in one of the most dangerous forests in Australia, Screaming woods state forest. The elders say that you can hear screams from the souls that have died in there they also say once you go in there you will never come out. But these kids want to prove everyone wrong, these kids want to be known as the most bravest kids in Australia, These kids want to actually want to find out what is in there. But when they get in there some strange things start to happen, trees snapping, saws starting, wood burning, but what they find out is that there is a old man by the name of woody lives in a little wood hut with no one to keep him company, he makes his living by eating of the land and building from all the wood around him. The kids soon find out that he is a nice man so try to help him have a new life out in the community

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