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Documentary on LAUSD Budget Cuts

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i learned that our past mistakes affect our future and i think in all that is not a good thing.
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i think that we should look to the voters to start making a difference in the schools.
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LIZ: "California school districts handed out 25,000 pink slips as they deal with 11 billion in state cuts to education. *** explain the effect of this - our school? other schools? also, doesn't it make better sense to have liz' comments before carmen's? *** "I think that the districts should stop giving out pink slips because its making it real hard for the teachers and students. Its going to be hard for the teachers because their classrooms would be very crowed and they would have to grade a lot of homework and they would loose their jobs. The disadvantages of the students would be that it would be very hard for them to concentrate on what the teacher is teaching because of the classes being packed.
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(we feel it is important to show facts to let our audience know how the lausd is functioning.)***what does this list of facts do/show/tell?? why would someone want to watch this video, instead of just reading an article or going to a website? where's the 'heart'?*** **** you need a conclusion - get back to basics!!! what is the story your group wants to tell? what do you want your audience to know/feel/think when they have finished watching your film? is your script the best way to do this job? ***
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Michael: One of the main reasons for the budget cuts is because of the resesscene the country is facing and it is sad to say that unfortunately students are suffering from it.

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