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The Boy begins to walk, as he has done for the past four years. He is seen walking on the train tracks in the Smyre Neighborhood. Scene shifts to him standing on top of the Warehouse located in Smyre. He stands in the middle of the roof, looking around.
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The Boy wakes up, looking at the ceiling. The clock reads 9:30. The Boy roll over, facing the windows. The clock now reads 11:30. The Boy gets up toward the bathroom. He then goes to the kitchen and prepares breakfast, breaking eggs and bringing out the sausages. He butters a slice of bread and puts it in the toaster. He can be heard mumbling to himself. He goes back to the room, still humming. He sits down and turns on the computer. For a split second, a scene shows him standing in the forest, looking in awe. He puts on a beat on the computer, brings out his notebook and starts to rap/sing. One of the lines he sings shifts the scene of two holding hands, on screen for no more than a second. The boy takes a break reaches for something behind the computer. He pulls out an L and smokes it. The scene shifts, he is still sitting, still smoking, except this time he is sitting outside, an imagination he is having.
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Our PROTAGONIST lays at the base of a mountain, soundly asleep. Noise can be heard off screen, and in an instant the PROTAGONIST sits up, with a bewildered expression of his face. He looks around, scanning the environment. He gets up and gathers his belonging. He reaches for his bag and pulls out a phone. He attempts to power it on, but a sad face instead shows up, implying that the phone is out of power. A noise comes from the woods, causing the PROTAGONIST to look in that direction. He puts the phone back in the bag. He begins to walk on a trail. He passes by the fence of the dog park. He looks inside and sees a white dog running across the park. A CLOSE UP of his eyes show him blinking. The camera cuts back to the park, where the dog has vanished. He looks away and starts walking again. A side view shows a dark figure as his is walking, but he does not notice it. He comes to a gate that he must jump. He jumps it, but sees the dark figure, causing him to fall. He looks up and the dark figure has disappeared. He looks startled and begins to run. As he runs he nervously looks back. Doing so cause him to trip

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