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Nancy Gonzalez is a successful investigative reporter for a major television network in our nation’s capital. Despite her fame and notoriety she is unhappy, has a dysfunctional relationship with her daughter and like most people in the world, lives a lonely life.
The same day she discovers she has breast cancer, an extraordinary woman, an Enlightened Being, enters her life. She can heal, walk on water, create with her mind, even change the weather. Most important, she is capable of teaching people how to become the same kind of person.
BUT, is that what every one really wants?

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Nancy Gonzalez, age 5, is being picked up from pre-school by her mother, Beverly. Nancy is crying as she gets into the car.
garyincocoa added a new scene titled "Scene 1 Nancy Gonzalez Age 5" on 12/02/2010. garyincocoa made 2 other changes. more

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