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Quick pitch

A teen kid changes the rules of babysitting when his mother leaves and he is forced to take his handicapped brother with him into the woods. He finds comfort with nature but that comfort is soon replaced with fear as they stumble upon a indian burial ground warping their surroundings, which indians describe as "sacosan" a curse on those who are ungrateful.

Project Type: Skit (15 min)

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collinkeith edited dialogue in "The Path" two years ago. more
Come on... Its fine
collinkeith edited dialogue in "We died here" two years ago. collinkeith made 12 other changes. more
Charlie is gone. Your looking at a canvas of mayhem. I'll tell your mother you said hi. I'll find you in hell.
collinkeith edited an action in "The Path" two years ago. collinkeith made 31 other changes. more
Charlie started walking closer to Andrew. Andrew's face became more red with each step Charlie took.
collinkeith added an action in "The Path" two years ago. collinkeith made 28 other changes. more
Charlie stood up and glared at Andrew and turned his hand out and in it was a spider. The spider shot a web off quickly and Charlie raised his head up to watch it propel itself upwards.
collinkeith added an action in "Morning Stroll" two years ago. collinkeith made 36 other changes. more
Andrew pushed Charlie behind him further, and began to enter the woods disregarding the existence of spiders completely.

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