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Gold. Swimming pools. Children. Firearms. Enough said.

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Disgruntled, Mark and Ben pick up the treasure chest and walk out the door. As soon as they get out the door Luke, in handcuffs, dives to tackle them. Cops are chasing Luke.
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Preplanned, introscopic suggestive incepting. It's quite simple, really. When we entered the restaurant, you two came in a little late; you would obviously then want to hurry and sit down to suppress any suspicions we might have had of what you were doing outside. Because of your urgency, when I told you that side of the restaurant had been reserved, you readily complied, and immediately ruled all that out, but I didn't want you to be on constant alert, so I lured you into a false sense of security by letting you think you were choosing the table. After you had ruled out that side, I yawned very loudly. Subliminally, you wanted to be sympathetic towards the tired old man, so you took the closest table next to a window, knowing full well that it's easier to stay awake with the ambiance shifted towards a plexiglass window.
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But how could you have know what table we'd sit at?

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