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Claire and Hana are two young aspiring writers and friends helping each other brainstorm a film script, but writer's block has gotten the best of them and neither girls know what to write about. The two decide that the best way to make a movie about life, they live the life.
Bubbly and quirky Hana is deprived of any romance in her life and wants to write a film that will achieve all the fantasies that all girls imagine in meet-cute relationships. She decides she can't write about love until she finds it herself. Using hopeless cliches, she attempts flirting with complete strangers hoping one of them will be "The One."
Alluring but sassy Claire feels two rom-coms would be overwhelming, so she decides to write a depressing tragedy. She deliberately puts herself in what she thinks is misery by going to the nearby fast food restaurant and stuffing herself with food, hoping the sudden weight gain will break down her fragile self-esteen and get her in the mood.

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I will. Now, as the goodie two shoes you are, go buy hoochie mama clothes and go to Fujii.
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No. I just don't like eating.
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INT. INt. fast food restaurant - later
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The cheap tricks.
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Dave pulls a coin from Claire's ear. Claire takes his arm and shakes out the rest of the coins from his sleeve.

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