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This is the piece for the 31 January 2012 meeting of Writers+Performers

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ddperry edited dialogue in "6 Glory me! Glory to all!" on 01/29/2012. ddperry made 25 other changes. more
What sort of practical implications do the words "I didn't realize it was going to make those noises!" have on my destiny? I hadn't the ability to ponder once again--seizing the second chance I had been afforded. How sorry I was, but also how grateful I was to once again have retrieved those words
exactly how I was supposed to.
ddperry added an action in "Man vs Fate" on 01/29/2012. ddperry made 68 other changes. more
The NARRATOR covers his face with his hands while HIMSELF appears destraught.
ddperry created this project! on 01/29/2012. more

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