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His cry loses volume before cutting out. The lights fade from his eyes as his body shuts down. His fingers go limp around the doll - he has fallen with his arm still stretched out towards WINI. There is a brief second of silence before the crowd around them resumes motion again. Despite all that has happened, they seem strangely unbothered, muttering amongst themselves about "filthy robots." The SBW OFFICERS are quick to move. They holster their weapons and begin to unceremoniously gather up XANDER's body and carry him off. One officer stands by, telling the crowd to move along. The whole time, WINI struggles to reach XANDER, but DAD holds her back, away from the SBW OFFICERS and XANDER. She reaches out to XANDER, but her fingertips fall just short, tears streaming down her face. The crowd is gone. The SBW OFFICERS leave with XANDER's body. WINI finally breaks free and bursts after where the SBW OFFICERS left, but there is nothing she can do. She slows to a stop, coming to a halt centerstage where XANDER's body fell to protect her. She is alone. With tears streaming down her face, she scoops up her lonely doll where it lies and cries quietly as the lights fade to black.

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