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A sci-fi horror movie based on the video game by LLKB Software. The year is 2044, and a spaceship launch project is beginning...Yet something aboard is not what is seems. Takes place from two POVs. Sgt. Mark Johnson, who took a vow of silence because he lost his memory, and Dr. Manny Arken, the lead scientist on the space project.

Project Type: Feature Film (Epic)

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jackelalien added an action in "ISD Project" on 12/28/2009. more
He gets into his car.
jackelalien edited an action in "ISD Project" on 12/28/2009. jackelalien made 16 other changes. more
He gets up, and goes to the coffee-maker, and turns it off. He pulls out his keys, and walks into his garage.
jackelalien deleted an action in "ISD Project" on 12/18/2009. jackelalien made 13 other changes. more
A soldier walks across a battlefield. Dead bodies lay everywhere. The soldier steps over them, trying to get across the battlefield. He keeps walking, and looks down at a dead ISD soldier. The ID says Lt. Andrew Serlan, International Space Defense. Blood coated the dead man's chest. Another dead soldier lay next to him. The soldier stood back up, and trekked the battlefield.
jackelalien added an action in "ISD Project" on 11/07/2009. jackelalien made 11 other changes. more
Arken's vehicle pulls up to the parking lot. We see the wheels stop from a low camera view.
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