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Episode 2 of xMorphia

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Dragonborn edited dialogue in "Women" a year ago. Dragonborn made 44 other changes. more
And how was I going to explain this dead man in my house? I didn't know him, the alien must have brought him in here for cover, knowing it was empty. They might get suspicious, and I will be forced to tell them about you guys.
Dragonborn added an action in "Home" a year ago. Dragonborn made 9 other changes. more
Viper reverses out of the driveway and drives down the road.
Dragonborn added an action in "Home" a year ago. Dragonborn made 94 other changes. more
With that, Sabre and Viper sprint outside the house.
Dragonborn added a new scene titled "Women" a year ago. Dragonborn made 6 other changes. more

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