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Of course, it is imperitve that I mention the yeti in pop culture. pop culture has consistently relied on the myths of these obscure monsters to stand as an embodiment of man’s interests in cryptozoology. With every new version of the yeti introduced into art, film, or literature, we will always identify them by their distinguishing hairy ape bodies, which only contributes to our fascination with them. The image of the yeti is not too far off from resembling us humans, as evident in its primate stature, and brings to question the possibility of some freak genetic makeup that caused it to be so. Again, we distance ourselves from this frightening “other,” whilst at the same time we still make movements to try to understand it.
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I'm regretting asking you that.
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denis (v.o.)
Most of the Western world wasn’t familiar with the legends of the yeti until the early 1950’s. It was through the exploration of the Himalayan Mountains and the surrounding area that exposure finally came about on a worldwide scale. Finally, the world was being introduced to this mythical monster.

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