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Dan cant seem to get his eggs right. After a lifetime of regressively successful attempts to make over-easy eggs, he finds inspiration in his failure.

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They both turn around. Tommy answers a phone call with a bottle of tequila and walks off fast.
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Sophia appears behind them in the kitchen.
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dan (cont'd)
Uh, uh, alright. Listen. My name is Dan
but you know me as the Yolk Man. My raps are explosive like mentos in a coke can. Everyone's got something to say. But in my kitchen it's pay to play. If you can't take the heat then get outta my way. Today's your bad day. Cause when you hear what I got to say it'll feel like the Steve Irwin end of a sting ray. There is no hope.
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Dan looks down at the egg yolk as it cooks across the hot pan. His expression changes to inquisitive, wondering. Then, with the top of his spatula, he comes down swift on the center of the egg mass. He shuffles the failure to the side of the pan and begins to chop it up in the same motion.
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Dan looks very confused about how to feel.

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