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A single camera situational comedy about the comings and goings of a group that works in various capacities at a singing telegram company called You Sing Like Onions.

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kudzooman added dialogue in "EXT.GARRET'S CAR - DAY" on 12/12/2011. more
Im gonna go pee and hopefully I fart
kudzooman edited the outline. on 11/01/2011. more
kudzooman edited an action in "EXT.GARRET'S CAR - DAY" on 10/31/2011. more
We GARRET getting dressed in his "Power(ranger)Soldier" costume, bright red spandex unitard with huge silver helmet. He looks down to see the wrinkles from his boxers clearly visible under the spandex.
kudzooman edited the outline. on 10/31/2011. kudzooman made 2 other changes. more
kudzooman created this project! on 09/29/2011. more

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