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Ender's Game

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BONZO is silent and just stares at ENDER. To start the fight Ender turns on all the showers to hot in order to create steam to make himself more slippery. While Ender does this Bonzo gets naked to level the playing field. Then, Ender motions Bonzo to start fighting and Bonzo attacks him. Bonzo fakes a kick and turns it into a tackle. When he lunges for Ender, Ender moves so Bonzo would be off-balance when he tries throwing him. Bonzo's hands slip and Ender turns around, but Bonzo gets a grip on him. Bonzo moves his body up trying to avoid a groin kick but instead Ender (backwards) headbutts him. Bonzo staggers backward, and Ender kicks him in the chest, but Bonzo doesn't make a sound. He's dead.
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No, I didn't . How can you think I did? Don't you know who your friends are?

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