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Ender is sleeping but moving recklessly and looking like his dream are torturing him.
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80 fighter ships moving in seemingly random directions but consistently getting closer to a planet appear. The fleet breaks apart and starts firing at many different enemies, all ships following their own paths. Many of the fighter ships are destroyed but twelve survive and regroup, having made it through the enemies defenses and is very close to the enemy planet. The depleted fleet continues with a few ships breaking course and acting as if they were going to attack, then fall back into the fleet. All of the ships start heading into the atmosphere of the planet shooting towards the planet. Many of the ships are blown away. Then Dr. Device is shot towards the planet. The planet bursts apart. All the ships are destroyed. A wave of energy comes out of the destroyed planet and destroys everything in the surrounding area.
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Ender wakes up, fights a battle and wins, goes to sleep, gets back up, fights another battle and wins, goes back to sleep.

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