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Zombie Fever

The idea is that someone, somewhere is always prepared for a zombie apocalypse; every situation he is in, everywhere he goes he is anticipating a zombie attack. He knows what to look for and what to do in that situation (ex. people begin to faint randomly he wouldn't go over to help he would walk in the opposite direction as fast as he can because he would be thinking "those people are sick and dying and will turn into zombies soon and then I'll be dead") So the idea is that he is always ready and suddenly he sees a sign like that so he rushes to his dorm room to get ready. If you want to help out please remember, the protagonist is as thorough and methodical as possible. Keep in mind that he has been afraid of this event for two and half years so he has a protocol. He swore to himself that he would not be like the countless people in zombie movies who are ill-prepared and make mistakes. He takes no chances, especially with people who may be infected.

Project Type: Short Film (30 min)
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