Scene 1: Gas Station

This scene starts out as a long tracking shot. The camera sees Peter's car pull up to a gas pump and then follows him to the station's attendant and then around Peter and the car to where Peter will pump the gas.
Basically, it is here to follow our protagonist and to see how he calmly removes himself from a situation he feels is unsafe and on par to what might be the beginnings of a zombie apocalypse.
Unfortunately, he is right

Scene 2: Dorm Room

Our protagonist enters to his roommates freaking out that one of them, Chris, was bitten by a "mugger". Peter knows that his roommate will turn into a zombie so he gets a gun from his bedroom and makes Chris go into the basement. Again this is to show how well-prepared our protagonist is for a zombie fight; he is in college and has a shotgun hidden in his room just in case.
One of Peter's roommates, Gino, decides to head into the basement to cool down their friend. The last roommate, Bobby, was heading down as well, but Peter stops him, explaining the situation they are in. His roommate does not believe him at first but soon begins to worry as all of the television stations are cut off.
Gino knocks on the basement door explaining that their friend who was bitten died from blood loss. After a minute, however, he starts banging on the door saying their dead friend came back to life and is coming after him. Peter responds by telling Gino they can't let him out unless they know he is no infected so Peter makes his roommate look through the key hole in the door to see if his eyes have turned red yet.
Instead of looking through the key hole Peter shoots Gino in the head through the door, knowing full well that if he had opened the door, their zombie friend would have come though too and killed them, and he did not want to take that chance. This part of the scene is to show how, not to say ruthless but unaltered Peter is when it comes to zombie protocol. He shows no emotion because he knows he did the right thing for himself and Bobby.
His main goal is to survive the night and he knows that there can be no emotion when it comes to the zombie apocalypse, some people just can't be saved.

I was only planning on this being a 15 to 25 minute movies so I'm still trying to decide where it should go. I know I want between one and three more scenes. One possibility I was thinking about was showing Peter and Bobby barricading the doors and windows and a zombie reaching in and scratching up Bobby's arm. Peter would run to under the kitchen sink where he has been keeping hidden tons of bleach, ammonia, and hydrogen peroxide to help sterilize anything necessary. Peter would make Bobby douse the wound in peroxide and then make him handcuff himself to something. Peter would then watch Bobby all night with the shotgun until he turned into a zombie, however, when the morning comes Bobby is still human and Peter is convinced he will not turn into a zombie, which he won't (sorry no surprise attacking zombies)

If you want to help out please remember to make Peter as thorough and methodical as possible. Keep in mind that he has been afraid of this even for two and half years so he has a protocol. He swore to himself that he would not be like the countless people in zombie movies who are ill-prepared and make mistakes. He takes no chances, especially with people who may be infected.

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