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Created by cgoray 8 days ago. Last change by cgoray 21 hours ago.
1 writer has written 16 pages in 1 scene.

Death Penalty

An anonymous man stands trial with his own life on the line, but his concern is for the deaths of those not involved in the case.

Created by FreelanceAnthem 3 weeks ago. Last change by FreelanceAnthem 21 hours ago.
1 writer has written 6 pages in 1 scene.

Living lies

Jason is a 20 odd year old drug dealer who has been lying to his wife and mother of his child since they met, when Jason makes a mistake one nit he gets in trouble with the law and is forced to re start his life under a new identity leaving his family behind, only to come back years later and live his old life as a new person, things get tricky for Jason what will he do ?

Created by jazzmindeegan 8 days ago. Last change by jazzmindeegan 22 hours ago.
1 writer has written 37 pages in 2 scenes.
Created by tayarisha 2 days ago. Last change by tayarisha 23 hours ago.
1 writer has written 2 pages in 1 scene.

Trail of Jeopardy

A man goes mountain trail riding. On the way he witnesses a live crime.

Created by MithunSundaresh 1 month ago. Last change by achuthan 23 hours ago.
8 writers have written 0 pages in 1 scene.


A story of post-apocalyptic battle against virus survivors and the virus infected. A raging battle that never ends!

Created by jigsawkiller on 05/25/2007. Last change by charleseze 27 hours ago.
28 writers have written 17 pages in 15 scenes.

Hero Elementary

It is the first day of school for super hero's at Hero Elementary. The new kids are very rowdy and very disrespectful. So much so that the teacher, Intelligencia, can't take it anymore and storms out. A surprise visitor makes and appearance and teaches the kids the importance of learning and being a true here.

Created by mdeusner a year ago. Last change by mdeusner 27 hours ago.
1 writer has written 10 pages in 1 scene.

Fangirl: 02 Fangirls Anonymous

In which Emily must be dragged away from her Netflix forcibly.

Created by Emlizabeth 1 month ago. Last change by Emlizabeth 35 hours ago.
2 writers have written 5 pages in 2 scenes.

The Right Side of the Tracks

Six friends. One town. sex, drugs, rock and roll, fights, bikes, and pizza .

Created by guyinhat555 on 05/12/2007. Last change by EpitomeOfInfamy 36 hours ago.
73 writers have written 114 pages in 4 scenes.

Phoebe and Maria

LOGLINE: A despondent teenager and an innocent child genius must take on an elitist government and overthrow them before they, too, fall prey to the government's treachery.

SYNOPSIS: In a dystopian future, the majority are ruled by a small group known as the "Thinking People", descendants of people genetically modified to have higher intelligence. Maria, the main character, is a young woman in her late teens who fears she is the only regular person left who hasn't had their intelligence stolen from them. Phoebe, the protagonist, soon comes into the picture, and though Maria tries to protect her, the child genius is too bubbly to go undetected. However, Phoebe sacrifices herself in order to save Maria and the rest of the people.

Created by empresspinto 1 month ago. Last change by EpitomeOfInfamy 36 hours ago.
11 writers have written 43 pages in 2 scenes.
Viewing 11-20. Your search returned 20,916 projects.
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