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Meaning of Random

This is supposed to be a really funny and random movie, based around the Monty Python style of comedy. Its bound to be great.

Created by Awdio on 01/10/2007. Last change by cassgib 2 weeks ago.
8 writers have written 1 page in 1 scene.

Four Men and a Ghost.

Imagine you're going to die.
And now four men come to visit you and bring the biggest plasma screen, and a HD DVD player.
The DVD? Your life.
And they're the commentaries.

Created by tarrantkwok on 11/10/2007. Last change by jaclynlandow 2 months ago.
10 writers have written 3 pages in 2 scenes.

generic short script

An experiment with the short script format, collaboratively with Olga.

Created by rubaiyat on 03/17/2006. Last change by mykea 2 months ago.
3 writers have written 2 pages in 2 scenes.

Erastes y sus Pupilos

Guion para Cortometraje "ERASTES Y SUS PUPILOS"

Created by druq on 08/04/2008. Last change by havoo a year ago.
4 writers have written 3 pages in 8 scenes.

Killing Ben Affleck

Degenerate gambler decides to kill Ben Affleck to collect big money in celebrity death pool. Butch Cassidy meets Airiplane!

Created by gksmith16 two years ago. Last change by PalmerRubin a year ago.
6 writers have written 99 pages in 27 scenes.

Aubra and The Mud

A four part story of suburban Australians before and after a flood strikes their town.

Created by JesseWilliams two years ago. Last change by JesseWilliams two years ago.
1 writer has written 4 pages in 3 scenes.

6 minutes left

A 17 year old boy finds himself bound to a chair in a dimly lit room where a clock slowly counts down from 6 minutes.

Created by soccerstud2121 on 01/22/2011. Last change by andersun two years ago.
6 writers have written 4 pages in 3 scenes.

Abduction Inc.

Lance kidnaps high-paying, thrill-seeking clients for the ultimate abduction experience. When one of his clients is murdered, Lance kidnaps the only other suspect - the client's daughter - and goes on the run...

Created by fruitcake69 on 11/01/2008. Last change by RachelGesare on 01/11/2011.
2 writers have written 0 pages in 1 scene.

Untited Horror Film


Created by brittypop on 08/25/2008. Last change by brittypop on 12/11/2010.
1 writer has written 33 pages in 1 scene.

Newsome's Labyrinth

The fantastic fairy-tale / reality tv show/ allegory of life at NHS, complete with turkeys, lemurs, trogdors and limitless other real, imaginary, symbolic characters. An instant classic. Filled with meaning on many levels. This film will change your life!

Created by ericpet on 04/04/2007. Last change by himhrouyn on 09/11/2010.
8 writers have written 0 pages in 2 scenes.
Viewing 1-10. Your search returned 36 projects.
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