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A story of post-apocalyptic battle against virus survivors and the virus infected. A raging battle that never ends!

Created by jigsawkiller on 05/25/2007. Last change by Jen__Foronda 2 days ago.
101 writers have written 17 pages in 15 scenes.


Kara is having strange dreams of her impending doom. Meanwhile, life goes on as normal.

Created by rainiswet on 03/30/2008. Last change by Issygail36 2 days ago.
46 writers have written 89 pages in 44 scenes.

Misplaced Identity

A horror film about a man finding a lost wallet and trying to return it to it's owner, but the owner is a psycho who wants him killed.

Created by SONICast8924 on 11/08/2008. Last change by ALEXWASHEREXOX 3 days ago.
61 writers have written 4 pages in 5 scenes.

At The Door

This is a short film where the ordinary becomes supernatural.

Created by Daredevilf4 on 01/23/2009. Last change by godumbledork 4 days ago.
8 writers have written 4 pages in 1 scene.

New Mad Max

A young girl is orphaned in a violent United States. Years later, she emerges as an officer in a newly formed Highway Patrol in a post-apocalyptic Kansas City.

Created by justinlillich on 12/04/2008. Last change by dinoninja 2 weeks ago.
22 writers have written 3 pages in 2 scenes.


Psychological horror mixed with slasher

Created by chellek10 on 04/02/2011. Last change by STR33TZ904 3 weeks ago.
18 writers have written 5 pages in 7 scenes.
Created by Rhazberri on 06/13/2007. Last change by Fosterskennedy 3 weeks ago.
59 writers have written 6 pages in 1 scene.
Created by Livibrynn on 10/23/2012. Last change by rawaa_rah 1 month ago.
70 writers have written 31 pages in 16 scenes.

Viva La Zombie

The government tries to bring people back from being hospitalized vegetables and accidentally starts a zombie race willing to do anything to ensure their race survival.

Created by ChrisHack on 12/27/2010. Last change by taiibabiiz 1 month ago.
11 writers have written 0 pages in 1 scene.


Everyone's disappearing from work and no one knows why, except for the janitor -- and he's quitting.

Created by junction821 on 02/01/2008. Last change by nadine_cast 1 month ago.
6 writers have written 1 page in 2 scenes.
Viewing 1-10. Your search returned 142 projects.
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