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In Love and War

The script for my Senior Project. More is coming, I hope.

Created by Akir on 11/27/2007. Last change by taylormaid 116 minutes ago.
5 writers have written 7 pages in 5 scenes.
Created by eestonikas on 02/19/2008. Last change by MikeWinkler 6 days ago.
5 writers have written 7 pages in 1 scene.

My Chaotic Valentine

It's about two lonely hearts, that spontaniously decide to marry each other with out even knowing...

Created by marleym on 11/19/2006. Last change by choyce97 11 days ago.
42 writers have written 10 pages in 1 scene.


A story about storytelling. The art, and the process. Let's tell stories.

Created by qdavidlamb on 04/07/2007. Last change by beamazed 2 weeks ago.
12 writers have written 4 pages in 4 scenes.
Created by MichaelMay on 02/23/2010. Last change by Poeban 2 weeks ago.
10 writers have written 3 pages in 4 scenes.

Forever My Love

The story of two best friends. Neither realized that all they dreamed for, all they ever wanted, was right in front of them.

Based on a true story.

Created by PB2012 on 07/26/2008. Last change by blitzwhelm 3 weeks ago.
67 writers have written 2 pages in 1 scene.

Square One

Pre-Med flunky returns home to his odd family, and old high school friends. He learns a lesson.

Created by mattyd173 on 09/27/2007. Last change by Frizfranco 3 weeks ago.
10 writers have written 80 pages in 18 scenes.
Created by Bella_Bekett on 04/01/2008. Last change by chintannareshshah 1 month ago.
8 writers have written 28 pages in 8 scenes.

High School Story

A bisexual girl in high school tries to find herself.

Created by Lelluriennian on 02/05/2009. Last change by mikaconception 1 month ago.
11 writers have written 1 page in 1 scene.

Reece's Pieces

A love story gone wrong based on the poem Porphyria's Lover by Robert Browning.

Created by thiscrazylife13 on 12/05/2007. Last change by areardon 1 month ago.
2 writers have written 31 pages in 25 scenes.
Viewing 1-10. Your search returned 125 projects.
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