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Three people, Three weeks

A group of 3 students drink water while on a hiking trip only to find that the water is contaminated with deadly bacteria. After finding out about their imminent death, they spend their last 3 weeks tying loose ends in their lives and fixing their mistakes from the past. The actions of the students in the last 3 weeks includes mending broken relationships and giving friends and family a good reason to remember them.

Created by BlackDragon on 08/12/2007. Last change by alliesmith two years ago.
14 writers have written 25 pages in 14 scenes.

black maria

Rainer and Bailey live in their car traveling across the country. bailey is accidentally left at a rest stop and Rainer is forced to live on his own. Jenna, a nineteen year old run away, is picked up by Rainer. The two of them travel together, learning the rules of love and hate.

Created by mshadow1286 on 10/26/2008. Last change by mshadow1286 on 11/23/2008.
1 writer has written 6 pages in 1 scene.


Roger is a poor artist living in the woods outside a small town in Pennsylvania. His world is shaken though when a former lover comes back into his life.

Created by SparkPlug on 02/16/2008. Last change by SparkPlug on 03/13/2008.
1 writer has written 1 page in 4 scenes.
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