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On Her Own

A look at extreme poverty in our very own cities and neighborhoods and the struggle of people trying to make it with nothing.

Created by elvenmaiden on 02/28/2008. Last change by 0013Rashi on 12/28/2013.
2 writers have written 4 pages in 6 scenes.
Created by Benitree on 05/20/2008. Last change by cacaaaaat on 03/21/2013.
3 writers have written 8 pages in 8 scenes.

Hellion Red

She lived a happy life with her wealthy parents, that is, until the night of her eighth birthday..... Interested?

Created by Frost_Bitten on 12/31/2012. Last change by Frost_Bitten on 12/31/2012.
1 writer has written 0 pages in 1 scene.

(Witty Title Here)

Ron is a college grad from rural Minnesota trying to make it in the big city. Little does he realize, finding a job isn't the only hard part about getting by in New York.

Created by makeroffilms on 06/11/2007. Last change by KellyRMurphy on 10/19/2012.
2 writers have written 3 pages in 3 scenes.
Created by GregTroyan on 06/11/2012. Last change by GregTroyan on 06/11/2012.
1 writer has written 8 pages in 6 scenes.


A young man trapped in a dead end job with a collections group for a sound company pines for greater things and a way to escape his mundane routine. A comedic insider's look of the life of a debt collector struggling with the conflict between steady pay and his dreams.

Created by greendayidiot4 on 06/26/2008. Last change by TMichael on 06/03/2012.
3 writers have written 3 pages in 5 scenes.

Pizza Hat

Bildungsroman, Adventures in Babysitting style minus the 80s and the kids. Add in quite a bit of foul language, extreme awkwardness, and a guy in a pizza hat.

Created by peachestheawful on 09/28/2010. Last change by abyssinal on 07/06/2011.
3 writers have written 0 pages in 1 scene.

Tyler's New Beginning

Tyler, now 11 years old, leaves his brother, friends, and everything familiar behind to start a new position as an agent of the European Youth Force.

Created by Henry12 on 01/17/2010. Last change by Henry12 on 01/17/2010.
1 writer has written 0 pages in 2 scenes.

ZADEC, 1° temporada

Serie de Ficción sobre el mundo de los vivos los muertos y los no tanto...

Created by nicolasfigliozzi on 11/25/2008. Last change by angelvic73 on 09/06/2009.
3 writers have written 5 pages in 10 scenes.

The Source

A coming of age journey immersed in the surf, drug and rock 'n roll sub culture of Southern California in the early 1970's. As the long haired, laid back, dope smoking hippies on longboards give way to the aggressive, adrenaline fueled punks tearing up the surf on shortboards, cocaine and heroin is making it's way across the Mexico border in large quantities for the first time in history.

Created by rlackey on 07/15/2008. Last change by rlackey on 08/11/2009.
4 writers have written 13 pages in 11 scenes.
Viewing 21-30. Your search returned 58 projects.
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