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A feature length psychological thriller about "Bill", head custodian at Oak Bluffs High School in Oak Bluffs, Ma. Just as we all involuntarily breathe without thought, Bill involuntarily kills.

Created by tcb5000 on 08/24/2010. Last change by Princessuniverse00 on 08/31/2010.
2 writers have written 8 pages in 1 scene.

Interrogation of the Masked

This is a comedy. It's a script for a short film. I'll post the link to it once filmed.

Created by zecik on 07/15/2008. Last change by zecik on 01/09/2010.
1 writer has written 4 pages in 1 scene.

The Tragic Failings Of Billy Graham

A struggling writer named Billy Graham is trying to finish his book. The book is about all the times he has tragically faild which he feels is way too much. Throughout the film, he flashes back to all the times he has failed and trys in the present day to not fail on this book and his current relationship with his girlfriend, Sarah.

Created by scostales89 on 11/20/2008. Last change by andrew89 on 07/25/2009.
2 writers have written 1 page in 2 scenes.

Dieing Room Guest

The tragically funny tale of a young man taking advantage of his Naive friend, by living on his couch for free under the idea that he is dying from an unknown illness.

Created by philbufano on 11/20/2008. Last change by philbufano on 05/31/2009.
5 writers have written 20 pages in 7 scenes.
Created by heartbreakcrook on 04/08/2009. Last change by heartbreakcrook on 04/30/2009.
1 writer has written 3 pages in 3 scenes.

It's the Smallest of Things

Through out the history of life, it is always the smallest differences the ones that cause war and confrontation..

Created by beasty88 on 04/14/2009. Last change by beasty88 on 04/14/2009.
1 writer has written 0 pages in 1 scene.
Created by transientjetlag on 03/14/2009. Last change by MeredithMorris on 04/07/2009.
4 writers have written 4 pages in 1 scene.

Untitled Short Film

A short film which illustrates the fear tactics used by media, business, and government and how it has effected/ could effect the Canadian recession through a look into the near future.

Created by chrismccron on 03/29/2009. Last change by chrismccron on 03/29/2009.
1 writer has written 7 pages in 3 scenes.

The Beautiful Confusion

A wealthy film director is making his next movie but is having writers block from his relationships with his wife, mistress, mother and cant decide what the movie is about. He has picked his actors, his crew and the location but how will he make a movie with no story?

Created by albarbjn on 03/06/2009. Last change by albarbjn on 03/22/2009.
1 writer has written 9 pages in 1 scene.


Tarina pikkurikollinen Eerosta, joka vahingissa ajautuu syvälle RKP:n riveihin ja huumeiden ja maksullisen seksin maailmaan. Eero huomaa että kaikella on hintansa, ja Eerolla on orkka tauolla ja buffetti kiinni.

Created by robbe on 01/22/2009. Last change by partato on 01/31/2009.
1 writer has written 1 page in 1 scene.
Viewing 31-40. Your search returned 66 projects.
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