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The Cure

After a deadly virus outbreak, only a few survivors remain on Earth - grouped together in small communities and kept alive by the regularly administered doses of an antidote delivered by a system of robots. But when one man goes without the antidote and lives, he starts to wonder if the robots are helping them or if they have another more devious purpose...
Anyone is welcome to join in writing; come check it out!

Created by sonshinecove on 03/30/2011. Last change by ensio 1 month ago.
26 writers have written 9 pages in 5 scenes.

Contact, Transcendence

In the vein of Sagan's book and the film of the same name. A sequel. Our charactes learn more about the enigmatic Extraterrestrials, their technologies, and their methods. What does it mean for us?

Created by gstroot on 09/03/2010. Last change by RolandDario 6 months ago.
5 writers have written 26 pages in 34 scenes.


From the corporate world to space ....by way of the past.
Bravery over beauty: Blakely - is her name.

Created by Duglaiglas on 02/24/2013. Last change by UrbanTruth on 10/04/2014.
2 writers have written 1 page in 7 scenes.

New Life Incorporated

The Longevity Chip is a marvel of biotechnology in 2175—an implant that slows aging and ensures virtual immortality. It’s safe, affordable, and guaranteed. Thousands have been sold, and thousands more are in production, quickly making New Life Incorporated the wealthiest, most powerful corporation on the globe. The fountain of youth, it seems, has at long last been found. But the Resisters aren’t buying it; they suspect the Chip has some guarded, secret purpose and seek the truth of its design. Still, truth often comes at great cost—as their increasingly violent confrontations with the Lifers, who defend the source of their newfound “salvation” with religious fervor, attest. As far as Joe Ramsey is concerned, he’d just as soon stay out of it. But when he inadvertently thwarts the assassination of a key Resister, Joe is thrown headlong into a tangle of deceit, treachery, and intrigue that may prove New Life CEO Caleb Walker the most dangerous man on earth.

Created by dannie18 on 06/03/2009. Last change by nathanlawrence on 12/08/2010.
6 writers have written 103 pages in 25 scenes.
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