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For Christ's Sake

Basically, my friend and I went on this church trip when we were like 14 called Frontliners. We went to the home chruch, which was like some deeply rooted southern baptist place. The bus ride was from florida to new orleans then eventually texas. so you can imagine all of the shit you could get into when you had to sneak some dirty music on the bus and walk around bourbon street as a rebellious yet sheltered teen with your best friend nonetheless. Furthermore, the insane old lady that you had to stay with and the even more insane speaker who tells everyone to throttle for Jesus. I want the screenplay to be 90% comedy and 10% coming to age.

Created by triciareilly615 on 10/17/2006. Last change by triciareilly615 on 10/19/2006.
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Tornado Damage

After his crappy apartment is destroyed by a tornado, Mickey Anton is forced to finally figure out what he wants to do with his life.

Created by TheScribe on 06/26/2006. Last change by TheScribe on 08/04/2006.
4 writers have written 2 pages in 2 scenes.
Viewing 121-122. Your search returned 122 projects.
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