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Created by Erie on 11/28/2008. Last change by Jackorama on 09/07/2009.
3 writers have written 3 pages in 2 scenes.


A boy of 18 moves to a new town for his senior year, and does not talk. Through his silence, he meets and befriends many, and also learns several life lessons along the way, as his peers try to get him to talk.

Created by smallfry13191 on 04/18/2009. Last change by Moony100 on 08/09/2009.
3 writers have written 23 pages in 20 scenes.

Two Great Games

An accidental release of experimental coffee results in hair loss for the drinkers. An antidote is available and it is up to three coffee shop employees to get their customers to drink it. The corporate manager for the coffee shop will drive them to extremes to keep the mistake a secret.

Created by BradKrause on 04/14/2009. Last change by Cozza on 06/13/2009.
6 writers have written 1 page in 1 scene.

Ted's Dead

Three friends meet up. One falls unconcious and the others look after him. While he's out, the others seem to click in a way they hadnt before.

Created by rattlehed on 11/25/2007. Last change by rattlehed on 05/28/2009.
2 writers have written 5 pages in 3 scenes.

Sword: The Midest of Life

Try as you might. The Earth always seemed so big. To you of course! To them the Earth is small. The life of us is unspeakable.
Well...not exactly. When I mean not exactly. I really meant one little boy, about eleven years old. Who is that boy?

His name is:


His friends:

Sammie, Eric, and Mary Ann

They discover a world unknown. My world.


When does this start?

The day after somebody's death. You ask why?

I say that's the deal.

Created by AelitaAngel101 on 02/01/2009. Last change by AelitaAngel101 on 05/20/2009.
1 writer has written 2 pages in 2 scenes.


A story about what it means to be caged in, what it means to be free, and what you do with that freedom. Starring dethbird, katbot, and ernesto

Created by teafordinner on 04/18/2009. Last change by teafordinner on 04/30/2009.
1 writer has written 0 pages in 1 scene.

RTB: Cpt. Obvious 002 Camera Man

The Super Hero Justice 3 have re-united (kind of) and are in a predicament. Join Captain Obvious, Kitty Man, and Taco Boy on an adventure you'd probably want to miss ;-{)

Created by RoundTheBendComedy on 04/21/2009. Last change by RoundTheBendComedy on 04/22/2009.
1 writer has written 4 pages in 3 scenes.


A symphonic cellist goes out of her way to impress a new section member.

Created by marcia on 03/25/2009. Last change by dominoparker on 04/09/2009.
5 writers have written 2 pages in 2 scenes.

The Metallist, or Two Decades Late

A young man who is obsessed with the 1980s music subculture of metal is confronted by the devil himself, who attempts to persuade him that smooth jazz is what its all about.

Created by screeian on 04/07/2009. Last change by screeian on 04/07/2009.
1 writer has written 2 pages in 1 scene.


When folks shoot for the sky and end up crashing in the middle of a lost civilization hidden under a melting Ice Cap.

Created by karim on 03/24/2009. Last change by karim on 03/29/2009.
1 writer has written 0 pages in 1 scene.
Viewing 51-60. Your search returned 122 projects.
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