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WW3 breaks out, Europe Vs. Russia and China. America before entering the fight make a virus that ended up turning people into zombies, China releases this on US soil and starts to invade at the same time.

Created by sitzkrieg40 on 05/07/2008. Last change by sitzkrieg40 on 05/07/2008.
1 writer has written 0 pages in 1 scene.



Created by rockwayman on 04/29/2008. Last change by rockwayman on 05/06/2008.
1 writer has written 47 pages in 46 scenes.
Created by xxbeermestrength on 11/22/2007. Last change by formerm on 04/18/2008.
1 writer has written 2 pages in 1 scene.
Created by stray on 04/15/2008. Last change by stray on 04/15/2008.
1 writer has written 3 pages in 1 scene.

Gather the Bones

A little girl's bones lie inside a trunk, buried deep inside an attic. Her restless spirit looks for revenge and for one unlucky family,she finds it.

Created by toddbanks on 03/24/2008. Last change by toddbanks on 04/02/2008.
2 writers have written 0 pages in 1 scene.


A boy is raised to be the perfect killing machine by his Father who is in a special branch of the Army. While the boy grows up his Father tries to keep him from feeling any type of emotions but the boy's mother shows him how great the feeling of being loved is. His Father puts a stop to it by setting up a scheme to have his wife killed. The boy then makes it his mission to find and kill all who had a hand in the murder. (Side note, this is a screen play for a manga/comic I'm working on.)

Created by Reikon on 12/27/2006. Last change by Reikon on 03/28/2008.
3 writers have written 6 pages in 4 scenes.

Working Title-Silencieux Mort

a group of deranged people, unlisted in the government files, no identity, no life basically. They kidnap and brutally take out people that come in contact with them slowly. The police, trailing them with no leads, find nothing but the dead bodies as the group moves on around the country. Eventually, a pattern emerges; the dead are linked in a way. Three deaths in each state, every person is or has been involved in an underground cult called “The Silencieux Mort”. The large cult religion was popular in the 1980’s. They believed that death was a part of life itself, and after a person reaches the age of 31, they need to be in life any longer. They would then kill themselves using a mechanism that removed the head from the body (not resembling a guillotine). After 1984, many people attempted to leave the cult. Many of them were brutally murdered. The ones that got out are the victims of the current day murders.

Created by jigsawkiller on 02/11/2008. Last change by jigsawkiller on 02/24/2008.
1 writer has written 1 page in 3 scenes.

Twisted Metal Movie

Car combat contest with twists and turns to make the ending unpredictable.

Created by podturtle on 02/17/2008. Last change by podturtle on 02/17/2008.
2 writers have written 1 page in 1 scene.

Super-Dead: Dead's Not Good Enough

A communist Russo-Blackanese-American small business owner tries to get by in a 1974 San Francisco torn apart by an enormous, zombie-bearing tidal wave.

Created by minutemaidlemonade on 11/12/2007. Last change by minutemaidlemonade on 11/13/2007.
1 writer has written 0 pages in 1 scene.

Go Whistle and Ivy

An alternate reality WW2 film based in Austria where a family of vampires fights against an age old curse.

Created by tuskino on 11/04/2007. Last change by tuskino on 11/04/2007.
1 writer has written 2 pages in 2 scenes.
Viewing 121-130. Your search returned 143 projects.
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