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A group of Young gay kids in Midwest America face, life, trials, and growing up

Created by ChristopherRathbun on 01/03/2012. Last change by barbiecurves 1 month ago.
12 writers have written 4 pages in 2 scenes.

A Question of Sexuality

A woman living in New York City finds her boyfriend dressed as a transvestite and starts to examine her career choice in pursuing musical theatre.

Created by pantazisr on 03/23/2011. Last change by AdityaMohan 9 months ago.
2 writers have written 7 pages in 2 scenes.

The United Force of Superheroes

They get in the car. Batman starts the batmobile, they go to the Batman's cave, and at one point Batman says: “ – Automobile! Blind mode!” and the batmobile’s windows have been covered so neither the people inside the car and neither the people from outside to not see nothing ( the people from inside to not see where is the Batman’s cave; and the people from outside to not see who is in the batmobile).
Only Batman can see through those windows, because he has special glasses for those windows.

Created by militaruanton on 01/31/2012. Last change by NastyaTrach a year ago.
9 writers have written 46 pages in 53 scenes.


Two kids meet in detention over a series of days.

Created by coppercopycatt on 03/22/2011. Last change by jumpyspeedyrule a year ago.
16 writers have written 44 pages in 19 scenes.


Two twenty-somethings from Brooklyn ponder life as they know it in the big city.

Created by doddmusic on 04/29/2011. Last change by ShawnM29 two years ago.
2 writers have written 1 page in 1 scene.
Created by Salzar on 11/07/2012. Last change by Salzar on 12/20/2012.
2 writers have written 10 pages in 4 scenes.

Modern Mice

Modern version of an epic classic

Created by lokijames on 03/26/2012. Last change by lokijames on 03/26/2012.
1 writer has written 0 pages in 1 scene.


Lord of the rings parody based on the novel Lord of the Whatever


Created by khjoseph125 on 07/17/2009. Last change by khjoseph125 on 07/22/2009.
3 writers have written 1 page in 2 scenes.
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