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Created by ouijesais on 07/19/2010. Last change by ArrianneMaranon 8 days ago.
12 writers have written 29 pages in 12 scenes.


Two kids meet in detention over a series of days.

Created by coppercopycatt on 03/22/2011. Last change by BryanaJefferson 4 weeks ago.
11 writers have written 44 pages in 19 scenes.

What Did You Do, Emilee?

After Emilee commits suicide, her best friends Penelope, Rita, and Melanie find a journal in a room containing a confession. They are on a mission to discover what she did that drove her to pointing a gun to her head.

Created by phillipe a year ago. Last change by lexifett 1 month ago.
18 writers have written 2 pages in 1 scene.

Brindle and Zylia

A story about the adventures of a werewolf and vampire both trying to live with not only the war filled world, but with each other.

Created by cnfac on 06/18/2009. Last change by clivemakongo 2 months ago.
4 writers have written 14 pages in 5 scenes.


A teenage guy is responsible for saving his family from foreclosure in a bike race against a rival that'll bring him to confront everything he believes.

Created by dimentionalglare on 01/16/2010. Last change by mattyd 3 months ago.
3 writers have written 115 pages in 1 scene.

Raw Enforcement

Female cop teams up with female inmate to thwart a bank heist. Cop and inmate become partners, in more ways than one.

Created by emartinson two years ago. Last change by hahahfjajrbc 6 months ago.
4 writers have written 4 pages in 2 scenes.

Three Free

Three kids trapped in a motel lobby with monsters from outerspace. What could go wrong?

Created by Cassie00 on 03/16/2011. Last change by NatalieK a year ago.
5 writers have written 5 pages in 5 scenes.

Life Of Saira

Saira, a rich muslim girl finds herself embroiled in emotional and psychological turmoil.

Created by intensewriter on 11/26/2009. Last change by cacaaaaat a year ago.
2 writers have written 3 pages in 2 scenes.

The Web Series

When written, this web series will have action, suspense, romance... et cetera, et cetera. This is a project for the people by me (with help from the people).

Created by Ragwlf3R a year ago. Last change by Ragwlf3R a year ago.
1 writer has written 0 pages in 1 scene.

Paige Love

Paige falls in love with the incredible Jonathan Hykes and makes the wrong moves at the wrong time causing her chances to be sly.

Created by KatesMarie two years ago. Last change by zeldabear21 two years ago.
2 writers have written 6 pages in 4 scenes.
Viewing 1-10. Your search returned 17 projects.
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